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I loved my session! I didn't know what to expect and was really surprised how much I enjoyed the activity and felt really present throughout. I've already booked in for another.


I was really struggling with making decisions about my upcoming retirement and Genna managed to guide me through a lovely relaxing foraging session, while gently coaxing out my anxieties and allowing me room to envision different options. I was amazed at what I came up with when I opened my mind and relaxed into the session.


My stress levels have greatly reduced since I started my sessions in the garden with Genna. Her joy for plants is infectious, even though I know absolutely nothing about gardening. I find an hour in the therapy garden is the perfect antidote to my stressful corporate weekdays.


Genna really helped me through a tough time. I have been struggling with anxiety and I find a session really helps me unwind and get grounded, and take some really important time for myself. The sense of pride I felt when my pea seeds sprouted was brilliant too!


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