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Purple Statice


Nature Club - Toddlers

Warning: Toddlers will leave dirty! A fun and sensory-filled nature club where toddlers get toexplore textures, dig and play with pieces of nature. Parents get to socialise too. Ages 1-3, or of walking age.

Wet Feet

Nature Club - Adults

Connect with nature through nature art and therapeutic horticulture - create some beautiful and original pieces while relaxing and improving your wellbing in the fresh air of the Wicklow hills.

Community Garden

Monthly workshop - Nature Art

Immerse yourself in nature by creating art with plant materials. 

wreath 4.jpg

Nature Club - Kids

Mud kitchens, watering, planting seeds and discovering how to grow food. There's lots to learn and explore in these nature club groups suitable for ages 4-7 years.

Kids Gardening

Monthly Workshop - Growing food

This group is for those who wish to take part in growing their own food, but without the commitment of keeping watch. New skills and learning for the gardening-curious and no experience required.


Monthly workshop - Garden Crafts

Learn some ancient and newage garden crafts such as wattle fencing, building bee hotels, trellises, kids branch hut, raised beds and more.

wattle fencing.jpg



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