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Autumn River Leaves

Nature Club

july term open now!Also PAYG options!

Nature Club for toddlers and kids in Wicklow town

The benefits of spending time in nature for kids include physical development - navigating uneven surfaces improves coordination, exposure to soil builds a strong immune system, and spending time outdoors in natural daylight helps regulate sleep patterns. Additionally, spending time in nature with your kids boosts the connection between you.

There is a 1-3 years club (Mon and Fri mornings) and a 4-7 years club (Mon and Fri afternoons), at the  sensory garden in Wicklow Rovers Football Club (opposite the Fire Station on Station Road).


Booking now open for Summer classes below.

nature club for kids wicklow
nature club toddlers
nature club kids
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The beauty of outdoor play

Sensory play is a crucial part of early childhood development, and it becomes even more exciting when it's taken outdoors. The best part about this approach is that it's simple yet has a profound impact on a child's learning and emotional growth. Children are naturally drawn to explore the wonders around them, from the texture of tree bark to the sounds of rustling leaves. This type of exploration engages all the senses, promoting cognitive development, fine and gross motor skills, and even emotional regulation.

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